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The BriteWhite MINI® system comes as a complete kit, housed in a protective travel kit. This is the next generation for teeth whitening!

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BriteWhite MINI® comes as a complete system including activating gels, tooth gloss, brush-ups for pre-cleaning the teeth, Vitamin E swabs, and a battery. Everything you need to safely whiten your teeth.

The BriteWhite MINI is self-timed and you can see immediate results in just the first 20 minutes, with a buzzer that tells you when the treatment is complete! It’s now up to you to keep your teeth looking their best. The specific Blue LED wavelength in the BriteWhite MINI has been approved by FDA that will kill the black bacteria that cause periodontal disease and boost healing for mouth ulcers and cold sores.

FDA Approved / CE & CSA – U.S. Patent No. D636,880

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