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The Complete Solution

The BriteWhite MINI® is a revolutionary, complete at-home teeth whitening system. No longer do you need to visit an expensive Dentist and pay over $500.00 per visit!

Why use the BriteWhite MINI®?

People are more conscious about their looks and want to have whiter teeth for boosting their confidence.

No more costly dental visits which drain your finances and eat your precious time.

The confidence of a bright, white smile builds self-esteem.

Great looking white teeth are noticed by everyone!

BriteWhite MINI® is…


The BriteWhite MINI® is a revolutionary at-home teeth whitening system. It is self-timed and you can see immediate results in just the first 20 minutes! The amazing Blue LED technology in the BriteWhite MINI® kills the black bacteria that cause periodontal disease and will boost healing for mouth ulcers and cold sores.  It’s now up to you to keep your teeth looking their best.

BriteWhite MINI® is…

User Friendly

The BriteWhite MINI® is user-friendly, quick and easy, only 20 minutes for a dramatic shade change. The teeth whitening system was developed to provide an amazing teeth whitening result, with the convenience to use at home.  The BriteWhite MINI® is definitely the “next” generation for in-home teeth whitening.


Easy, Safe, Effective

The BriteWhite MINI® is an amazing in-home teeth whitening system that gives results in just the first use!

BriteWhite MINI® is safe, effective and affordable. You can expect improvement in just the first 20 minutes!

BriteWhite MINI® whitens very quickly without the problems of sensitivity.

BriteWhite MINI® is patented and FDA cleared, CSA (for Canada) cleared and CE registered to travel anywhere.

BriteWhite MINI® system can be used while you are on your computer, the treadmill, or just relaxing while watching TV or reading a book.

BriteWhite MINI® makes a memorable gift for those who have everything or for the special occasion gifts

BriteWhite MINI® is the first and only patented “closed mouth system” for teeth whitening using Blue LED’s. This innovative design keeps the activating gel from oxidizing during your treatment.

BriteWhite MINI® is a family friendly whitening system that can be used by everyone!

BriteWhite MINI® has no harmful side effects. If any gel gets on the soft tissue (gums, lips, tongue) just apply Vitamin E, which neutralizes it immediately.

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BriteWhite MINI®

Complete at-home teeth whitening system


We know we love the BriteWhite MINI®, but so do our customers!


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