Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can use the BriteWhite MINI Teeth Whitening Kit?

Anyone wanting beautiful dazzling white teeth, 18 or older. Not for pregnant or lactating women; however anyone with periodontal problems or exposed roots should go to their dentist before whitening.

2. What results can I expect using the BriteWhite MINI?

Improvement can be expected within the first 20 minutes. Each time the treatment is done, teeth get whiter and up to four – 20 minute treatments can be done in one day.

3. Is whitening my teeth with the BriteWhite MINI safe?

BriteWhite MINI is a very safe teeth whitening system. The LED’s do not cause heat and the gels are custom designed for those with very sensitive teeth.

4. How does the BriteWhite MINI whiten teeth?

The combination of the blue LED wavelength and custom blend gel work together like a happy marriage and whiten the teeth.

5. Is the whitening received from the BriteWhite MINI permanent?

NO teeth whitening is permanent. Our teeth will re-yellow from the chemicals of our own saliva, and the use of coffee, tea, smoking, wine, etc., the reason maintenance has to be done. Just like washing the hair is not permanent. A good example is most all children’s teeth are yellow from their own body’s chemicals in the saliva and they do not abuse them by smoking and wine.

6. How often can I use the BriteWhite MINI?

Once a week is recommended until satisfied and up to the four – 20 minute treatments in one day can be done without fear of sensitivity, softening of the enamel or damage to the pulp.

7. What is the cost of the BriteWhite MINI Teeth Whitening system?

BriteWhite MINI teeth whitening is 1/3 the cost of a dentist. Imagine the cost of a whole family having teeth whitened. BriteWhite MINI is safe, effective and affordable.

8. Is the BriteWhite MINI safe to use if pregnant or nursing?

Use of the BriteWhite MINI is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

9. What is the warranty on the BriteWhite MINI?

Our warranty is one year for manufacturing defects, but not for abuse.

10. Why is the BriteWhite MINI better than other products on the market?

The BriteWhite MINI is simple, quick and easy, without having to pre-treat the teeth, or having to use uncomfortable trays that some prefer to wear overnight. BriteWhite MINI, only needs one single mouthpiece that can be used for the whole family. BriteWhite MINI is comfortable to wear with the mouthpiece going directly inside the mouth against the front arches of the teeth preventing the gel from oxidizing. Simply changing the sanitary disposable barrier sleeve, without having to use goggles, rubber dams or cheek retractors make BriteWhite MINI better than other systems.

11. Will the BriteWhite MINI work on my Veneers, Bridges, or Crowns?

The BriteWhite MINI CANNOT change the color of Veneers, Bridges or Crowns; however, it can clean residue build up back to the original color.

12. Will the activation gel damage or hurt my gums?

All teeth whitening products will blanch the gums if gotten on the soft tissue; however, unlike power bleaching, the simple brush on method makes it easy to keep the product off the lips or gums and prevent the teeth from dehydrating. And the Vitamin E swabs will neutralize immediately without allowing soreness.


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